CHCCS305C Assist Clients with Medication

This Unit of competency is offered as an elective to all our students completing certificate IV courses.

It therefore comes as part of the qualification.

Where a student wishes to obtain a separate acknowledgement for this unit a fee of $ 50 is required for the Statement of Attainment.

Please note that this unit has a prerequisite unit which is HLTAP301B: Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context.

It is a highly valued unit of competency in the community sector. Talk to us for more details

Areas covered by this Unit are:

  • Storage and handling of medications
  • Preparation before assisting clients with medication
  • Confirming procedures for medication to be administered
  • Personal hygiene procedures in assisting with medication
  • Duty of care procedures
  • Commonly used medications and terminologies to be aware of
  • Preparing the client for assistance with administration of medication
  • Correctly identification prior to medication administration
  • Completing the required documentation
  • Appropriate action to take when incidences occur
  • Assist/support client with administration of medication
  • Supervision of Clients during medication
  • Reactions and side effects
  • Healthy body Systems
  • Assist/support medication administration according to prescription/instructions
  • The Five R’s
  • Preparing medications and administering to the client or supporting their self-administration
  • Complying with organisation’s procedures for handling the range of issues/ contingencies which may arise
  • Polypharmacy issues
  • Completing the distribution and administration of medication