CHCCS305C Assist Clients with Medication

This Unit of competency is offered as an elective for Cert III in home and community care to Guidestar Training & Professional Services students undertaking the qualification.

Where a Guidestar Training and Professional Services student wishes to obtain a separate certificate for this a fee of $ 50 is required for the Statement of Attainment.

Please note that this unit has a prerequisite unit which is HLTAP301B: Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context
It is a highly valued unit of competency in the aged care and home and community care sectors.

Areas covered by this Unit are:

  • Storage and handling of medications
  • Preparation before assisting clients with medication
  • Confirming procedures for medication to be administered
  • Personal hygiene procedures in assisting with medication
  • Duty of care procedures
  • Commonly used medications and terminologies to be aware of
  • Preparing the client for assistance with administration of medication
  • Correctly identification prior to medication administration
  • Completing the required documentation
  • Appropriate action to take when incidences occur
  • Assist/support client with administration of medication
  • Supervision of Clients during medication
  • Reactions and side effects
  • Healthy body Systems
  • Assist/support medication administration according to prescription/instructions
  • The Five R’s
  • Preparing medications and administering to the client or supporting their self-administration
  • Complying with organisation’s procedures for handling the range of issues/ contingencies which may arise
  • Polypharmacy issues
  • Completing the distribution and administration of medication